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AISS finances a wide range of research projects on SDS.

Our philosophy is that investing in research on SDS is the only way forward if we want to progress beyond treatment of the symptoms alone, the priority being management of the underlying syndrome with the ultimate prospect of developing a cure.

Below, you can see the list of all the projects we have financed and a complete bibliography of scientific articles on Schwachman-Diamond Syndrome.

SDS Italian Research Grant 2021

AISS-SC Review Guidelines

Applications will be due on 18th May 2021. Results will be announced by 14th June 2021, and work will commence on July 1st.

The AISS-SC Chair or his/her designee will be the Grant Review Coordinator.

Scientific Committee will review the projects. Outside reviewers might be considered in the review process.

The reviewers will declare any conflict of interest regarding the applicants or their organizations. In the case of a conflict, that AISS-SC member will be recused from participation in the grant review process.

The applications will be evaluated for scientific merit, relevance to Shwachman-Diamond syndrome, investigator, and institution/laboratory in which the research is to be done.

Three weeks will be given for the reviews.

The Grant Review Coordinator will tabulate a score for each proposal.

The final rank order without scores will be forwarded to the AISS Board, with a recommendation of “approved for funding if sufficient funds are available”, or “disapproved”.

The applicant will receive copies of the review sheets.

Applicants who are not funded will be permitted to revise their applications based on the critiques and resubmit one time.

SDS Italian Research Grant 2021 - Form