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L'AISS finanzia svariati progetti di ricerca sulla SDS.

Crediamo che solo investendo sulla ricerca si potranno elaborare terapie non solo sintomatiche per la gestione e la cura della sindrome e coltivare così la speranza di guarigione.

In questa sezione potete trovare l'elenco di tutti i progetti finanziati e la bibliografia completa degli articoli scientifici sulla Sindrome di Swhachman-Diamond.

SDS Italian Research Grant 2024

Maximum Amount €10,000
Firm Deadline for Receipt of Applications: December 1st, 2023.

Eligibility: Persons applying for these grants if not in a faculty position need to provide a declaration by a supervisor with a position in the department (not a training position) and with authority to hold an independent research grant.

Terms of Support: Support may be provided for one (1) year in an amount not to exceed E 10,000. Indirect costs are permitted and are not to exceed 10% of the total costs. The AISS will provide preference to those applications in which funds are used for supplies, equipment, technicians and other expenses and not for support of the salary of the PI or co-PIs.

Review: All applications will be reviewed by the AISS Scientific Committee (AISS-SC) or its designees.

Application: The application contains two sections.

Section 1, forms attached. The applicant and co-applicants must also include a current curriculum vitae. Section 2: Research Plan, divided as indicated below. Parts A through D should not exceed 6 pages, using a font no smaller than 10 point.

Part A. Specific
Part B. Significance and background
Part C. Preliminary studies
Part D. Experimental design and methods
Part E. References (not included in the 6 page limit)
Part F. Relevance of the research to Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome
Part G. For junior faculty separate letter from supervisor or department head confirming
commitment to project, and to provision of space and facilities
Part K. If human subjects and animals are involved, a statement by the PI or supervisor
overseeing human or animal studies is compulsory. If considered as necessary by the AISS-SC,
more information about ethical committee study approval may be asked.

Submission by email to the AISS:

SDS Italian Research Grant 2024 - Form