mano di adulto che stringe la mano di un neonato

Please donate

You can help us, with a small gesture, in the following ways:
  • raise awareness among doctors - only if they have a good knowledge of this disease can we achieve the vital goal of ensuring early diagnosis;
  • become a friend of the Association by contributing an annual subscription;
  • donate small gifts for our raffles, prize draws and charity sales;
  • make a tax-deductible donation;
  • if you present an Italian tax return, make your "cinque per mille" (half a cent per euro, to be taken from your income tax) payable to AISS.

How you can help

It is our firm belief that only by investing in research can medical science focus on treating the underlying condition, not just its symptoms, thus ensuring that treatment is appropriately managed with a view to fulfilling the ultimate hope of curing Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome.
This is why we appeal to anyone who might be interested in donating - individual citizens, corporations, charitable trusts and others: your help is important to AISS - Associazione Italiana Sindrome di Shwachman.
  • If you are personally concerned, because you have a child with this syndrome, please contact us as soon as possible - it's so important for us to know how many families are involved, and get to know you all.
  • If you are not directly involved yourself but would like to give a hand as a volunteer, anything you can do to help will be truly welcome.
  • Perhaps you can invite us to activities taking place in your home area, so that we can talk to people about AISS and explain what we do.
  • Even if you can't dedicate time personally, but would like to do something for children with a disease as little known and difficult to treat as Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome, don't hesitate to make a small annual donation.